May 18 – May 19, 2018
Fritz Gallery
West Palm Beach, FL
Collaboration with Ballet Florida

WELCOME is a collaborative dance and performance by director of Ballet Florida, Lauren Carey, and emerging artist, Amber Tutwiler. WELCOME belongs in a whole new category; taking an interdisciplinary approach, it incorporates dance, theatre, poetry, installation, and sound to create an immersive environment for guests to enter. Transforming the gallery into a stage, this performance reflects on intimacy, tension, ritual, and psychological release – all within the parameters of what we call home. Each dancer is representative of one facet of an individual, asking the question about what home means: is it simply a place, or perhaps a relationship with oneself? As guests enter, they will each be given a unique experience, as dancers may choose to interact with the viewer.

Co-Creative Director, Choreography: Lauren Carey
Co-Creative Director, Narration and Set Design: Amber Tutwiler
Sound Design: Kyle Krakow
Performers: Lauren Carey, Jin Lee Hanley, Nicholas Garlo, Emily Chu, Melinda Rawlinson
Photo and Video Credits: David Hamzik, Ryan Dight