March 1-2, 2019
Kravis Center, Persson Hall
West Palm Beach, FL
Collaboration with Ballet Florida

PULSE is a collaborative dance choreographed by director of Ballet Florida, Lauren Carey, and creatively designed by Amber Tutwiler. Speaking to the phenomenology of identities within internet spaces, this performance interprets the internet as being a place where there are a surplus of identities. The dance begins with a singular identity (performed by Lauren Carey), who then meets her duplicates. Synchronous and harmonious movement becomes disjointed and chaotic, which is emphasizes by the jarring sounds and mirrors. A transparent curtain of fabric and video projection line the back of the stage. By the end of the performance, the curtain is literally pulled down, suggesting the eventual return to a singular place: here and now. 

Performance Time: 20 minutes
Sound and Music: Amber Tutwiler, William Basinski, Olafur Arnolds, Forest Swords, Amon Tobin
Video and Installation: Amber Tutwiler
Costumes: Mumbi O’Brien and RogerThat (Roger Jackson)
Performed by: Lauren Carey, Emily Chu, Melinda (Mindy) Rawlinson, Vanessa Rosen, Alyssa Thompson, Kevin Franc
Filmed by David Hamzik