Solo Exhibition, IS Projects
September 26 - November 2, 2020
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Artist Talk: Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 6pm EST
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Repeater is a solo exhibition by Amber Tutwiler that uses oil paint and mixed media on panel to describe the shifting tensions between knowing and forgetting. In this series, shapes of fabric and gestures of the hand emerge as amnesiac snippets of memory that vacillate between surface planes. Like an echo of a body and a place pulled outward from their origin, fragments of images repeat, scatter, and intersect. The handling of paint and the treatment of surface simulate printed photographs that have been redacted, collaged, and transposed. This trompe l’oeil preserves some element of intimate familiarity - even if the security of the recognizable is fleeting. Just as the folds of fabric rhythmically dance through each frame, the titles of each work, when read from left to right (or top to bottom), act as poetic substrates to the body of work as a whole.

They say (go ahead),
Follow, repeater.
This belly traces time
In slow motion.
Cue the curtain,
Return the island,
With it closed,
We see the other side of the desert.
Planes and glass,
A performance, a mirage.
So many gaps,
No shadow can doubt,
We must be
Too close.
The inevitability of the ghost,
Of us, etc.
Sleep myself a love to calm.

They say (go ahead)

We see the other side of the desert

The inevitability of the ghost
Of us, etc.