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Untitled || SEPTEMBER 28 - DECEMBER 20, 2019 || In Exchange || Fat Village Project Space, Ft. Lauderdale
Collaboration with Sammi McLean



Performance Time: 20 minutes
Sound and Music: Amber Tutwiler, William Basinski, Olafur Arnolds, Forest Swords, Amon Tobin
Video and Installation: Amber Tutwiler
Costumes by Mumbi O’Brien and RogerThat
Performed by: Lauren Carey, Emily Chu, Melinda Rawlinson, Vanessa Rosen, Alyssa Thompson, Kevin Franc

Filmed by David Hamzik 

PULSE is a collaborative dance choregraphed by the director of Ballet Florida, Lauren Carey, and creatively designed by Amber Tutwiler. Speaking to the phenomenology of identities within internet spaces, this performance responds to interfaces by creating a chilling interpretation about the duplication of identities within these spaces. Utilizing mirrors, transparent fabric, video, and sound, each dancer responded to a series of writing and meditations, creating movement that flirts with narcissism, the pantopticon, and the eventual return to a singular place: here and now. 

PULSE - Ballet Florida + Amber Tutwiler from Amber D Tutwiler on Vimeo.


WELCOME || MAY 18 – MAY 19, 2018 || FRITZ GALLERY 

WELCOME is a collaborative dance and performance by director of Ballet Florida, Lauren Carey, and emerging artist, Amber Tutwiler. WELCOME belongs in a whole new category; taking an interdisciplinary approach, it incorporates dance, theatre, poetry, installation, and sound to create an immersive environment for guests to enter. Transforming the gallery into a stage, this performance reflects on intimacy, tension, ritual, and psychological release – all within the parameters of what we call home. Each dancer is representative of one facet of an individual, asking the question about what home means: is it simply a place, or perhaps a relationship with oneself? As guests enter, they will each be given a unique experience, as dancers may choose to interact with the viewer. 

LAUREN CAREY: Co-Creative Director, Choreography
AMBER TUTWILER: Co-Creative Director, Narration and Set Design
KYLE KRAKOW: Sound Design
DANCERS: Lauren Carey, Jin Lee Hanley, Nicholas Garlo, Emily Chu, Melinda Rawlinson
PHOTO AND VIDEO CREDITS: David Hamzik, Ryan Dight

Welcome from Amber D Tutwiler on Vimeo.

All work and images © 2019, Amber Tutwiler.